Choosing Your Mountain Bicycle

The Best Ways to Pick Your Mountain Bike

The very first thing before buying a bike for any reason is to understand what your primary type of riding will be. The majority of bikers at first acquire a double-usage bike, something that can be ridden both on and off road. Eventually, when the bug bites though, it’ll be time to invest in a bike that is all muscle for the mountains.
One of the ways mountain bikes vary from other bikes is that they have very rugged, light-weight frames, tech-loaded features, powerful brakes and wide tires. Comfort bikes, recreational weekend bikes, exploring bikes and cruiser bikes are constructed more for convenience than sturdiness. Within the mountain bike classification there are a number of kinds readily available: the cross country bike; the trials bike; the downhill bike; and the jump/slalom bike.
The highest percentage of mountain bicycles on offer are in the cross country, or XC category. These are good double function bikes. They are lightweight and great for riding over tough terrain. However, they are also comfortable for road riding. Jump/slalom bikes are also excellent dual-purpose bikes. They are really strong and have outstanding front suspension. Downhill and trial bikes are for serious mountain bike riders.
A lot of riders of downhill and route bikes construct their bikes from scratch, choosing each part individually. You will want to do a lot of reading about different types of bikes, and you should visit as many bike shops as you can. A decent cross country mountain bike will cost between £500 / $600 and £750 / $800, or lots more. Some mountain bikers maintain your first bike should be the best bike you can afford, even if you believe it’s too much bike for you.

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